Michele French

Michele French

Although Michele was born in Texas, USA,in 1955; she started her jewelry career in Paris, where she took her first class,learning her first techniques of craftsmanship.

Then after taking time out to raise a family in Mexico, she continued to extend her skills by attending the jewelry making classes at the University of California (UCSD) in La Jolla.

Where Michele perfected her craftmanship and began making her own special designs in .925 sterling silver.

At present, in Guadalajara, Mexico she is extending her range of products and to producing quantity by using the available skilled laborers.

So after making the original design the subsequent pieces are made by 100% Mexican craftsmanship. Many times to create new designs she uses unusual shaped stones to get inspiration.

Also she often makes special one of a kind designs to fit a person's personality.

To help Michele stay in touch with what is going on in the world, she tries to spend at least one month a year in Florence, Italy taking jewelry and design classes.

Michele has decided to limit the production of her pieces to 100 pieces per design, thus maintaining a uniqueness and originality.

Everything is made with natural semiprecious stones and the designs are whimsical and have a contemporary yet organic feel to them. Creating something that she hopes will give the owners pleasure for years to come.
DM04 Crushed Aluminum Foil
A silver pin with a crushed ...
USD $130
DM 03 Roots
925 silver pendant with a le...
USD $130
melted silver over rainbow ...
USD $150
AM33 Ice Window
Uneven fused silver with a r...
USD $100
USD $-
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